5 Knife Skills in 5 Minutes to Elevate Your Cooking!

Hello Friends!

Whether you are a culinary whiz in the kitchen or a beginner, there is always room to sharpen your knike skills. Having impeccable knife skills not only ensures safety, but it also enables you to take your dishes to another level of flavor, texture, and creativity! We eat with our eyes, and perfectly chopped vegtables, meats, and cheeses all enhance the dining experience.

I honed my knife skills by taking many cooking classes, some of them at Draeger’s Market, where I eventually taught many cooking classes myself. For the NBC show “California Live”, I teamed up with Chef Katherine from Draegers to offer you a quick and easy Knife Skills 101 class, so you can learn from home without spending a dime!

To learn 5 knife skills in 5 minutes, just click on the video below. I want to thank all of you that subscribed to my Youtube channel, as we now have a community there that is 80,000 subscribers strong! It would be too awesome to take it to the 100,000 mark and get that Youtube plaque to inspire my kids–so if you haven’t already, please hit that subscribe button. =)

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