Business Inquiries

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If you have a product you think would be a good fit for the thousands of viewers of Feast in the Middle East please feel free to email me for more information. I work with brands I am passionate about, and companies I’ve worked with in the past include Ziyad, Cortas, Ridha Naturals, Harvest Peace Olive Oil, Levant Blends Coffee, Sadaf, Sea of Herbs, Antler Farms, Ambrosiac Salep, MVMT, Draeger’s Markets, Thrive Market, Keto Box and Wilton Armetale.

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Television or Web Series Hosting

Need a foodie with a lively personality to host a program? With my over 15 years of on camera experience, I can bring your show to life! I have been featured on ABC, NBC, FOX, BBC, PBS, Link Media, and G4 Television. 

Video Production and Recipe Development

If you need a video representing your company that showcases your products in a cooking show or other format, feel free to reach out. I can develop recipes specific to your needs, and incorporate them into cooking shows, vlogs, unboxings, or product hauls.

Food Column Writer

Need Middle Eastern food perspectives for your periodical or magazine? I have been contributing to  newspapers and magazines as a food columnist and would be willing to offer a unique food or cultural perspective to your publication.

Merchandise collaboration

I am open to doing merchandise collaborations that would contain the Feast in the Middle East brand, particularly Middle Eastern spices and kitchen gadgets. If you are a company or vendor that manufactures spices or merchandise at wholesale prices, feel free to reach out!


All recipes here are trademarked and copywritten under the Writers Guild of America and are a part of the Feast in the Middle East trademark. So while they are for your enjoyment in the kitchen, you may not copy, transmit, use, modify, duplicate, reproduce, transform, build upon, distribute, or republish written material or photos without permission. If you wish to share recipes, please contact me at