After 10 years of working on this labor of love, my cookbook is finally ready and I am now taking orders! You get to see the cover here first: This hardback book is full of colorful illustrations, meticulous directions, family anecdotes, and historical information about the recipes.  The recipes in this book are a great…… Continue reading MY COOKBOOK IS NOW AVAILABLE!

Sage Tea Benefits+ Other Fair Trade Goodies from PalBox!

Hello Friends hope you are doing well! This week I have a short and sweet episode on one of life’s simple pleasures, sage tea. I think tea is so underrated, as each kind of herbal tea has a unique set of health benefits, and sage is no exception.  Here in the states people only seem…… Continue reading Sage Tea Benefits+ Other Fair Trade Goodies from PalBox!

Sharing My Viral Fattoush Recipe with NBC!

As April has been officially recognized as Arab American Heritage Month, Arab Americans are flooding social media with their favorite family recipes, from overfilled shawarma wraps and crispy falafel, to artistic hummus plates and buttery baklava. I was excited to be featured on NBC’s “California Live” this week to share one of my own favorite…… Continue reading Sharing My Viral Fattoush Recipe with NBC!

The Mysterious Simnel Cake…

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you would know that I love food stories, because I find that the most iconic dishes tend to have an interesting legend or history behind them. Today’s intriguing recipe is no exception. In looking for Easter dessert ideas, I stumbled upon the Simnel Cake, and my…… Continue reading The Mysterious Simnel Cake…

Ka’ak Asfar: The Original Easter Bread of the Holy Land

The special recipe I am going to share with you today is a big reason why I started this blog in the first place–to share and preserve ancient Arab traditions before they become a lost art. When Palestinians, Lebanese, Jordanians, and Syrians celebrate Easter, no bunnies or chocolate creme eggs enter into the equation. Instead,…… Continue reading Ka’ak Asfar: The Original Easter Bread of the Holy Land

Shakshuka Breakfast Pie (Budget Friendly!)

Whether hard boiled, soft boiled, scrambled or over easy, eggs make a filling fast and simple breakfast on the go. However, plain cooked eggs pale in comparison to Shakshuka, where the eggs are cooked in a confit of rich and sweet tomatoes. This dish originated in the North African country of Morocco, however it is…… Continue reading Shakshuka Breakfast Pie (Budget Friendly!)

I Got My Gut Health Tested-the Results Shocked Me!

Hello Friends, Hope you are all doing well amidst the chaos that surrounds us. When I feel like everything is spiraling out of control, the one thing I try to maintain is my health. I feel I can handle anything if my health is in top tip shape. If you have been following my work…… Continue reading I Got My Gut Health Tested-the Results Shocked Me!

Craziness In My Kitchen!

Hello Dear Friends! Well the time has come. After the 12th cabinet hinge has broken, not to mention the discoloration of the cabinets, I had to just make the change to reface my kitchen cabinets. I thought it would be a simple thing–but oh how wrong I was. To do such a project, you still…… Continue reading Craziness In My Kitchen!

Egyptian Tea Party- From a Box!

Hello Dear Friends! Today I have a new video to show you, that was recorded last weekend, when we wanted to turn a cold mundane Sunday into an uplifting one: My friend Nadia started a new small business venture back east called Dukkan Foods, at It is an online store that is supposed to…… Continue reading Egyptian Tea Party- From a Box!

Stretch Your Meat Budget! MidEast Meatloaf

Have you seen the obscene prices in the grocery stores lately? If you are the primary grocery shopper in your household, it’s impossible to ignore the rampant inflation. At the end of 2021, US households were spending more than 12% of their disposable income on food purchases, up from 10.8% the year before. This marked…… Continue reading Stretch Your Meat Budget! MidEast Meatloaf

My Secret Indulgence- Revealed!

As someone that takes fitness and nutrition very seriously (with some occasional decadent treats along the way) I love delicious new food discoveries than fit into my eating plan. If you have followed this blog long enough, you know that I favor the Mediterranean diet, a diet rich in fruits, veggies, with moderate meats and…… Continue reading My Secret Indulgence- Revealed!