After 10 years of working on this labor of love, my cookbook is finally ready and I am now taking orders! You get to see the cover here first:


This hardback book is full of colorful illustrations, meticulous directions, family anecdotes, and historical information about the recipes.  The recipes in this book are a great way to rejuvenate your new year with healthy and delicious Middle Eastern recipes! If you are interested in ordering the book, please order it here, as Jeff Bezos of Amazon keeps more than 75% of the purchase price to himself, leaving barely anything to authors. I would like to continue reprinting the book, so you help tremendously by placing your order on this site.

You can order by clicking here: ORDER

Link just in case:

Some of the tantalizing recipes in the book include my family recipe for Kenafeh, a Palestinian dessert of buttery shredded filo over sweet melted cheese and drizzled with a sweet syrup and pistachios:


My bulgur wheat pilaf  with chickpeas, sultanas, pistachios and a pomegranate molasses dressing:


As well as classics like Jordanian style mensaf, a celebratory dish of turmeric rice, lamb and yogurt sauce topped with toasted almonds and pine nuts:

mansaf is a traditional Arab dish made of lamb cooked in a sauce of fermented dried yogurt and served with rice.

This book is a symbol of my commitment to you, a testament of cultural preservation, as many of these recipes are hundreds of years old. I am so grateful for this virtual cooking family that has been building year after year on my YouTube channel, and hope this book will help you build new and meaningful traditions in your own kitchens!

You can submit the pre-order by clicking here: ORDER

Link just in case:


  1. Your wonderful recipes and amazing videos and your mom’s are inspiring
    Thousands of Israeli followers are eagerly waiting to tell

  2. Great recipes, been following your YouTube and have made several of your recipes from your YouTube channel. I ordered your book today, sorry but had to use, I wanted to order from the location on your site, not certain you are aware of this, but you should be. You might want to have a little chat with your distributor (my book as they are forcing people who live outside the US to order from amazon by charging very unreasonable shipping cost, You mention “Jeff Bezos of Amazon keeps more than 75% of the purchase price to himself” I agree this is bad, but is charging almost twice to cost of the book to ship to Canada. So they are pocketing even more, not from you, but from client trying to order your book.
    I buy books from the US and all over the world, directly from book sites other than amazon, these extremely high shipping prices are not normal with other book sellers for shipping to Canada.
    34.99 USD very reasonable for this book and I would definetly it here for this price if the shipping cost were reasonable.
    67.90 USD for shipping to Canada, very unreasonable,
    Total $102.89 USD which equates to $145.15 Canadian dollars price is. 48.74 Canadian delivered which is 34.57 USD
    Just wanted you to be aware of this if you weren’t.

    1. Thank you Claude, sorry for the high shipping costs, I was not aware of this at all. I will talk to the distributor and ask them why it’s so high. Best wishes, Blanche

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