Black Friday Sale!

Hello FITME (Feast In the Middle East) Family! From the veterans who have been here since the beginning (trust me, we know who you are and you are awesome) to the people that have newly subscribed (welcome to the family!), we at Feast In the Midde East are incredibly grateful to all of you. People…… Continue reading Black Friday Sale!

50k Celebration with Two Live feeds!

Hello Dear FITME Community, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for subscribing to my YouTube channel as well as here to my blog! Now our community has surpassed 50,000 subscribers, and I don’t take a single one of you for granted. What started as a simple PDF documenting the…… Continue reading 50k Celebration with Two Live feeds!


A huge thank you to all of you that turned up for my very first cookbook signing! It absolutely melted my heart to meet so many of you in person, and I was so touched by those of you out of state that sent your family members in California to come get a signed copy!…… Continue reading MY FIRST BOOK SIGNING!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Thanks to many of you for your positive response to the cookbook! I ordered a limited supply to gauge interest, and at the rate the book is selling right now I might have to put in another print order very soon! Thanks to you that have ordered 6 or even 10 books…… Continue reading OLIVE OIL HARVEST AND DISCOVERY FROM PALESTINE!


After 10 years of working on this labor of love, my cookbook is finally ready and I am now taking orders! You get to see the cover here first: This hardback book is full of colorful illustrations, meticulous directions, family anecdotes, and historical information about the recipes.  The recipes in this book are a great…… Continue reading MY COOKBOOK IS NOW AVAILABLE!

Happy New Year! New announcements and for 2019

Hope you are all enjoying a fresh start this new year! I always love the idea of starting fresh, of burying any insecurities, negativity or setbacks and starting something new, exciting, and even a little scary. Because overcoming the fear of something new is how you grow. There have been lots of scary decisions I…… Continue reading Happy New Year! New announcements and for 2019