Black Friday Sale!

Hello FITME (Feast In the Middle East) Family!

From the veterans who have been here since the beginning (trust me, we know who you are and you are awesome) to the people that have newly subscribed (welcome to the family!), we at Feast In the Midde East are incredibly grateful to all of you. People don’t understand how painstaking it is to run a consistent YouTube channel and blog until they try, and every subscriber is a treasure. Without you, this channel and newsletter would not continue to exist! As a thank you, I am offering a weekend Black Friday sale to subscribers! Get 15% off my hard cover cookbook if you apply the promo code FITMEFAM15 here:

This offer is good between now and Cyber Monday November 28th.

Right now, I have less than 1000 hardback books in inventory, and once they are gone, we might have to go to paperback, as inflation has caused the price of printing to skyrocket. This book has over 200 pages of many of the recipes on this channel, along with glossy photos for each recipe, and superb binding so it lays open nicely in your kitchen while you use it. It makes a great gift for anyone in your life that loves to cook, or wants to learn how to cook healthy middle eastern and mediterranean food, as it is easy to follow. The recipes feature Palestinian, Lebanese, Jordanian, Syrian, Egyptian and Morrocon dishes as well! Thank you again, and wish you a safe and happy holiday season. xo

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