The most magical spice of all….

There is an incredibly healthy  spice that is underutilized in the western world but used in Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine quite often. That spice, with its mustardy color and delicate flavor is turmeric. Look up the benefits of turmeric and you will be astounded.  Turmeric helps detoxify the liver, fight various cancers, speed metabolism, kill bacteria, disinfect cuts and burns, even slow the progression of autoimmune diseases! In your kitchen however, this spice can add beautiful color and a delicate flavor to your dishes. Although it looks like curry it really tastes nothing like it and is more mild in flavor. My sister can’t stand the strong taste and smell of curry, but loves my turmeric garlic rice. My mom always told me “you eat with your eyes first.” Next time you are ready to experiment in the kitchen, try sprinkling turmeric to your rice to give it a beautiful color, and observe the intrigue of your dinner guests. Or sprinkle it on roasting vegetables like cauliflower, onions, and carrots before baking. I’d love to hear your experiences with this amazing spice!

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