To E-book, or not to E-book?

Finally, we get some much needed rain here in Northern California after a severely dry winter. For me there is no better time to start experimenting in the kitchen than on rainy, overcast days, when the oven and cooking smells fill up the house with warmth and comfort. Lately I have been adding recipes at a rapid rate to my cookbook, which I have been writing now for 3 years.  With our digital era, I am thinking of publishing Feast in the Middle East as an e-book, so that people can have access to the recipes anywhere at anytime. I would love to get subscriber input, as ultimately what you think is very important to me. Does the thought of a Feast in the Middle East e-book sound appealing to you? Eventually, when I get the capital I need, I would love to publish a hardcover book, but I really want to explore every option and share these recipes sooner rather than later. I would love your feedback in the comment section below. Meanwhile, I have an example of a lovely e-book that came to my attention that I thought would share with all of you. The e-book is called Modernist Cuisine At Home, and the author is offering a free chapter preview if you visit this link: The book is filled with simple techniques and approaches to comfort foods like roasted chicken, creamed spinach, and macaroni and cheese. Here is an enticing page on grilled cheese sandwiches: s9Sig=40166f69e82d626ddf6fff1a7cb1baf7feda3289&expires=MzI1MDM3MDg4MDA%3D&s=11c46cd145320660343c23c8e5aa7e6b6e9fdb51  The publisher of this book asked me  to share a preview of these recipes complimentary to my subscribers, so enjoy! And please give me your feedback below!

7 thoughts on “To E-book, or not to E-book?

  1. Hi Blanche, I’d be in favor of the e-book idea as an option. It might be easier to maneuver the kitchen with a tablet rather than a hardcover book. And I would guess that the e-book might allow for printing of individual pages as needed. Although a copy of the book signed by the author has a certain appeal as well. And yet another option might be to include a coupon code with the purchase of the book allowing for a reduced rate on the electronic version thus allowing the best of both worlds.Either way I’m sure it’ll be great. Wishing you much success.

  2. I’ll patiently wait for the hardcover book. Not too up-to-date on the whole technology thing anymore. But, you should go with your instincts.

  3. Blanche,

    I found your blog by coincidence, one day while I was looking for video recipes. .. and I absolutely loved it! !!! That got me wondering. .. how come I did not find this blog earlier? !?

    So, yeah I would love it if you could produce an ebook, specially because the kind of recipes and techniques you explain are really hard to come by.
    I personally rather the ebook format because I’m uSed to cooking with my ipad and reading the instructions and making sure I’m doing everything as I should.

    So….my input is Yes to ebook. 🙂


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