Listeria Hysteria –Not in My Hummus!

Now here’s a big reason to make your own hummus–possible listeria in store-bought varieties. Recently Sabra hummus recalled 30,000 cases of hummus for possible listeria. What is listeria? It’s a bacteria that can cause a serious or even fatal infection. Symptoms include fever, nausea, abdominal pain and headaches. Would you like some dysentery on those carrot sticks? Honestly, I think it is sacrilege to buy hummus for many reasons other than listeria. First, the ingredients are ridiculously cheap, and you can make a batch for under 2 dollars that can last you a week. Secondly, most store bought varieties use cheap GMO canola oil instead of good quality olive oil and leave out the tahini– the heart and soul of hummus. Why? Because it costs less to make hummus without tahini. However, a small jar of tahini can easily make about 6 batches of homemade hummus. Third, store bought hummus cannot reproduce the flavor of fresh lemons and garlic, essential to authentic creamy, heavenly hummus. And lastly–have you seen how easy it is to make this dip? I am making this hummus in real time in this video in 5 minutes! So go ahead, empower yourself, get that food processor out and whip up a batch of this silky dip and you will never need to buy it again. Just do it!

5 thoughts on “Listeria Hysteria –Not in My Hummus!

  1. Hi blance, thanks for sharing the video.. Hv to admit the hummus u made looks really yummy… I’m a huge fan Of hummus n falafels… if you don’t mind, could you provide measurements of the ingredients used in the recipe.. That would be really great..


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