When people think of Arab beauty, they might think of kohl lined almond eyes, thick lush hair, high cheekbones, full lips, and flawless glowing skin. Arab women  have had many years to practice, as their beauty regimens have evolved for centuries since 3500 BC, even  before the time of Cleopatra and Nefertiti.  While today’s beauty products are…… Continue reading 4 ANCIENT BEAUTY PRODUCTS FROM THE KITCHEN

Baba’s Mediterranean Tuna Salad

When times get crazy, sad or even terrifying, I find myself reminiscing about my childhood more often. I play old songs in my car, look at family photos, or  bring back the foods that I cherished when I was a child. This is how I center myself during  trying times. Today I thought I would…… Continue reading Baba’s Mediterranean Tuna Salad

Stop Buying Fake Olive Oil–How to Find the Real Thing!

Did you know that most of the olive oil in supermarkets is fake or counterfeit? Many so-called olive oils are a mix of cheap oils mixed with chemicals to cover up their smells and rancidity. Looking at weekly supermarket ads, you might find some enticing deals on so called extra virgin olive oil. Some places…… Continue reading Stop Buying Fake Olive Oil–How to Find the Real Thing!


  Hello FITME Fam! I have been looking for ways to spice up life from my home, and I thought it was time to engage with viewers on a live feed! I shared my thoughts on holistic Middle Eastern health remedies, fair trade food finds, and announced my exciting new partnership with Harvest Peace Olive…… Continue reading THE ULTIMATE OLIVE OIL…


In Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan, salad is eaten for breakfast as well as lunch or dinner, and the ubiquitous cucumber tomato salad is the foundation of most meals. This salad is also known as “Salata Baladia” or country style salad, as it is rustic and goes with just about everything. In any Arabic household…… Continue reading THE MOST POPULAR ARABIC SALAD “SALATA BALADIA”

Off the Beaten Path- In the Holy Land!

I recently got back from the Holy Land yet again, and I can’t wait to show you some highlights that you won’t hear about from mainstream media! First stop, a side of Jerusalem I have literally never seen before at St George’s Cathedral Guesthouse. St. George was built in 1899, and has been open to…… Continue reading Off the Beaten Path- In the Holy Land!

Garlicky Herb Roasted Artichokes

Sometimes,  the time spent cooking with loved ones is just as gratifying as eating the final dish. I don’t think there has ever been a time when my “baby” brother hasn’t made me bust a gut laughing so hard, so it’s no wonder this artichoke video turned out to be a bit um….unconventional for a…… Continue reading Garlicky Herb Roasted Artichokes

“Salata Batata” Arab Style Potato Salad

Sometimes…you just want a healthy simple side dish to put on the table without much effort. Sometimes..you have to let go the fear of carbs and embrace the potato–the beautiful high fiber potato without the addition of cheese, frying, or all of that other food sabotage. Seriously why are people afraid of potatoes?  They are…… Continue reading “Salata Batata” Arab Style Potato Salad


My most epic sandwich moment happened near Petra in Jordan, years ago. I was determined to hike around this ancient city  with my tour group  in 100 degree heat. One of my friends on this trip, John, was perpetually  hungry, regardless of the blistering hot weather. He saw a lonely shawarma stand off the side…… Continue reading SHAWARMA!

How to get a luxurious dinner on the table in under 5 minutes: Mediterranean Garlic Shrimp!

Shrimp always feels like an indulgent food, a luxurious protein reserved for special occasions. However, if you buy a bag of wild shrimp for under 20 bucks you can easily feed a family of four with some veg and a starch of choice. I really love to make shrimp on those super busy days when…… Continue reading How to get a luxurious dinner on the table in under 5 minutes: Mediterranean Garlic Shrimp!