Our Family Favorite Recipe- Stuffed Artichokes!

Once upon a time, people of the far east declared the artichoke a forbidden vegetable, thought to contain aphrodisiac powers. Greek mythology stated that Zeus, the viril and strong chief of all gods, was responsible for the creation of the artichoke. After Zeus was rejected by a beautiful young woman (can you imagine who was…… Continue reading Our Family Favorite Recipe- Stuffed Artichokes!

Garlicky Herb Roasted Artichokes

Sometimes, ┬áthe time spent cooking with loved ones is just as gratifying as eating the final dish. I don’t think there has ever been a time when my “baby” brother hasn’t made me bust a gut laughing so hard, so it’s no wonder this artichoke video turned out to be a bit um….unconventional for a…… Continue reading Garlicky Herb Roasted Artichokes