Thank you–nearing 10,000 subscribers on Social Media!

This has been a crazy journey. What started off as a seemingly far fetched idea of creating a cooking show out of my kitchen has now transcended any expectations! As of now I have over 5000 subscribers on YouTube and approaching 4000 on Facebook!  I keep getting photos from folks seeing my cooking videos on Virgin America (thank you friends) and getting stopped by other foodies as I run my errands because they are seeing my food columns in the paper. If you told me 6 years ago that my career would take a culinary direction I would never believe it! But here I am, and here you all are, and my life is that much better being a part of this global community 🙂


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I appreciate every single one of you that has subscribed to this blog or my other social media pages, because you all keep me going (and sane)  even during personally challenging times, when my free time and resources were low and I felt like quitting.  Coming from a television background, it was always my goal to create good quality videos, even though they were going to cost more. I wanted to put quality over quantity. This year I want to do both, churn out good quality videos with more frequency. Having a solid subscriber base of awesome people will help me achieve that in the long run. So thanks to all of you again, I am hoping to create a sustainable model where I can increase my creative output…or in other words, create more kick ass videos on a regular basis!  If there are any recipes or ideas that you are interested in me covering, please leave it in the comment section below. Also I would be happy to do a question and answer video to reach out to you all, so if you have questions, leave those below too! 🙂



On another note, if you celebrate Easter I hope you had an awesome holiday! I gave my Mamoul Cake an Easter twist by covering it with pink coconut, reminiscent of those pink marshmallow snowballs I used to eat as a kid. To dye coconut this color naturally, beet juice works great!  Just in case you missed the video tutorial, I have posted it below. Have a wonderful spring, and I look forward to sharing more recipes with you!


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