The Rumi Awards! And other updates

Hello Everyone, how are you all doing? I am still recovering from the insanity of the Christmas and New Year’s season–I am sort of in hibernation mode 😉 With the incessant California rain I thought it would be a good time to share with you my experience at the Rumi Awards! I was excited to be the main emcee for this massive traveling event, which is aiming to be the largest gathering place outside of Hollywood for international artists, fashion designers, singers, fashion models & media professionals. A record 300 artists from all over the world participated this year in the historic Scottish Rite Theater in Oakland. The event theme was “Ancient Vision with  Modern View.” The ancient part refers to Rumi, a 13th century poet and philosopher whose singular message was that of love. In a world today fragmented by war and religious divisions, it was awesome to be a part of a program that emphasized togetherness of communities all over the world to share art and talent with a large audience.  The glam factor was certainly there, with gorgeous people in gowns of all colors treating the entire venue as a cat walk:


Here is a behind the scenes look at putting a show like this together. Hope you visit again soon, as I will have a classic new Middle Eastern recipe up that has been in high demand!


On a foodie now, tt was great to have my avochocolado recipe featured in a recent food column, if you haven’t tried this rich and creamy yet vegan and plant based chocolate mousse it’s time you give it a try! Unlike junky desserts, everything in this mousse is high in nutrition to help your body run like a machine for the new year. 🙂


And just in case you missed it from my previous blog, you click on on the recipe video here for step by step instructions below. Happy New Year and I look forward to sharing a new classic Middle Eastern recipe with you next week!




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  1. You are so awesome, love your blog & your recipes, thank you for including vegan or vegan-applicable ones!

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