New Middle Eastern Shopping Guide!

Hello Feaster Friends!

In response to the many e-mails I have received on where I source my Middle Eastern ingredients and other merchandise, I  decided to put together a one stop shopping online store. From excellent quality spices to the best handmade baklava made in the USA, and felafel molds to Arabic styled aprons, I made sure to source the highest quality products that I believe in. A lot of the items, like the artisan olive oils and the pottery are fair trade, meaning the purchase of these items contributes to sustainable development and helps secure the rights of marginalized producers and workers in the third world.  I wanted to create the feeling of an online shopping bazaar from the comfort of your own home. To get started on stocking your pantry, or getting that extra special gift for someone you love, you can click on this  LINK. Happy shopping, I am working on a holiday special that I hope to release this week!



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