Manifesting Your Goals with a FREE Masterclass

Hello Dear Friends,

Hope you are all doing well! I wanted to share some uplifting information with you today for those of you that feel you are stuck in a rut, which is totally understandable considering the madness we have been through the past 2 years. Perhaps you quit a job or a project, or want to start something fresh and new but don’t know where to start. Or worse, you have been wanting to start on a new chapter in your life, but negative thoughts keep blocking your path. When life coach and artist Katie Miranda approached me to share my story for her masterclass, I took the chance in the hopes it would help and uplift others.

This masterlass contains my extended interview, where I share some of my most vulnerable and challenging experiences and how I pushed through them to achieve my goals. This class also contains interviews from 20 other phenomenal leaders who share their experiences as well! You can sign up by just going to:

To see a short clip of my full interview, you can click on the video below:

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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