What I Ate in Day in Paris-The City of Contradictions

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So I just returned from Paris, France, and it is just as beautiful and lively as I remembered from many years ago. This is a city where flowers, wine and cheese are abundant and cheap, steamy PDA is still on display at the city parks instead of getting a room, and people dance tango by the river at sunset because why not?

But I have to be honest, one of the biggest reasons I LOVE Paris is the food. Fresh produce is organic by default, brasseries deftly crank out gooey and crusty croque monsieur, (French grilled cheese with bechamel) and meaty roasts of the day satisfy with decadent sauces despite their smaller portions. And did I tell you that packaged junk food gets a grading system, or Nutri Score with letters A through E? Perhaps nothing will make you put that bag of Lays back on the supermarket shelf faster than a fat D grade staring at you from the front of the package.

Paris is a place of contradictions, where a super model looking fashionista sashays down the Champs de Elysee with a carb loaded baguette in her backpack, wine is less expensive than gasoline, and gothic 12th century buildings studded with gargoyles have a modern McDonalds on the bottom floor. Quiche is enjoyed by men and women alike without any stigma, and avocado toast is elevated to inctricate main entree status.

Angelinas Mont Blanc and Chocolate Hazelnut Desserts
Angelinas Vegetable Salad with Egg and Broccoli Cream

So with only a few days to spend in this city of light, how could I encapsulate my favorite experiences in short YouTube videos to share with you? I have decided to release 3 videos. The first one will give you a flavor of the food and humor of Paris. In the second video I will share with you a valuable culinary skill I learned from a lesson with a French chef. And in the third video I will share some off the beaten path experiences that not too many tourists know about (hint, this one will have a middle eastern focus)

So if you would like to be an armchair tourist, sit back and enjoy the ride, as I share with you my travelogue of Paris part 1:

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  1. Blanche! You look Amazing! Do share your look from black dress to your walking shoes! The food looks SPECTACULAR so far! Cannot wait to see your videos!

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