The Perfect Mediterranean Picnic Sandwich

What constitutes the ultimate picnic sandwich? Ideally it would have non perishable ingredients, not get soggy, and have a beautiful mix of chewy, creamy, fresh, and herby. One sandwich that embodies all of those qualities is the Caprese:

For NBC’s California Live, I visited Barry from Oakville Grocery, the oldest grocery store in California, who taught me how to make an EPIC caprese sandwich. So many juicy nuggets of information in this short video! If you are lowcarb, use all of the followng tips for a perfect caprese salad and just ditch the bread.

Some additional tips:

1. Start with fresh tomatoes from the farmer’s market. Ever notice a lot of tomatoes in the supermarket don’t have much of a smell or flavor? Not so with heirloom tomatoes from farmer’s markets. These tomatoes have that beautiful sweet summer smell and flavor. 🍅

2. Don’t skimp on the olive oil. Use extra virgin olive oil, preferably with a harvest date or with the COOC label on it, and comes in a dark green bottle or metal tin.

3. Balsamic glaze gives the sandwich just the right touch of sweetness, but if you don’t like any sweetness at all, try aged balsamic vinegar (though use less so it’s not too tart)

Check out my new video below for more and happy summer!

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