Superbowl Recipe Roundup!

Everyone knows that the Superbowl is all about the food! And the commercials. And the halftime show. And oh yeah, the actual game hehe. So as you can see I really have my priorities, and chances are you have similar priorities because you’re here too, checkin out the FOOD! So, let’s get to business, here are my top three recipe picks for Superbowl noshing:

  1. MACHOS or my Middle Eastern Nachos are all the rage in my family. You can get more details in the blog below, but my right hand man Chris at Eldridge Media was kind enough to create a shorter version of this video for those of you in a rush to put it all together before the guests come over. So here is the video for “Macho Light”




2. GAME DAY GARBANZO BEANS: These vegan babies are chewier, spicier, and more filling than chips. Plus, you can use them instead of croutons for a salad, or as a topping for tomato or butternut squash soup–YUM!





3. ARAYES: GRILLED MEAT AND PITA SANDWICHES: Forget about the same old burgers, just broil these sandwiches in the oven–crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside. Dip into my cucumber yogurt sauce for a garlicky and creamy twist!



4. The mother of all Middle Eastern dips is hummus, but please don’t buy the crappy store bought versions–make your own in 5 minutes, then top with some veggies, like garlicky mushrooms!

Here is the Hummus recipe:



Now go ahead, get crazy and top the hummus with some serious goodies!!



Now you are all set, these three recipes are all you will need to eat like a champ this Sunday 😉

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