Viewers Choice: Mideast Grocery Haul!

Do you get more excited about shopping for food than for clothing? Then this next video is literally for you! I have listened to all of the many comments and e-mails asking me to do a grocery haul in a Middle Eastern Market. What I intended to do in this video is demystify exotic ingredients and…… Continue reading Viewers Choice: Mideast Grocery Haul!

Vegan Cabbage Rolls: MALFOUF!

The word “malfouf” in Arabic means both “cabbage” and “rolled.” So in Lebanese and Palestinian culture, cooks must have felt that it was only natural to roll up the cabbage around rice, and the popular dish malfouf was born. Stuffed cabbage leaves are popular in so many countries, from Russia to Poland and Sweden. But…… Continue reading Vegan Cabbage Rolls: MALFOUF!

Superbowl Recipe Roundup!

Everyone knows that the Superbowl is all about the food! And the commercials. And the halftime show. And oh yeah, the actual game hehe. So as you can see I really have my priorities, and chances are you have similar priorities because you’re here too, checkin out the FOOD! So, let’s get to business, here…… Continue reading Superbowl Recipe Roundup!

Give Feast in The Middle East to a loved one, and get a free gift for yourself!

Hello dear subscribers–I hope you are all doing great during this fast paced and busy time of year! As each year goes by, I get more wary about buying unnecessary stuff, collecting stuff and giving stuff, especially in an age when we need to be more green. I try to buy fair trade gifts to…… Continue reading Give Feast in The Middle East to a loved one, and get a free gift for yourself!