Give Feast in The Middle East to a loved one, and get a free gift for yourself!

Hello dear subscribers–I hope you are all doing great during this fast paced and busy time of year! As each year goes by, I get more wary about buying unnecessary stuff, collecting stuff and giving stuff, especially in an age when we need to be more green. I try to buy fair trade gifts to support populations that really need the money to survive, and often their products are one of a kind and beautifully made. However, a gift can be something not necessarily tangible, but highly useful regardless. Enter –a company that makes learning easy, accessible and affordable. From cooking and photography, to learning a new language or how to play an instrument, Curious has learning capsules for every interest you can imagine. I was thrilled when they approached me about having a cooking class package as a holiday gift idea. What sets my cooking classes on Curious apart from standard youtube videos, is the student gets more ingredient and recipe information, and more interactive elements in a classroom format. They would have access to these classes forever, (so if youtube implodes their recipe stash remains safe with Curious) If you are interested in giving the gift of Middle Eastern cooking lessons to a loved one, just click on this link: and fill out the simple form. And here’s the cool thing, after you buy my course as a gift, a little elf will put $14.99 into your Curious account! You can use it for this course or to purchase any course on Curious for yourself! Please allow up to 3 business days for processing and you will be all set. It’s been a pleasure sharing my cooking journey with you, wish you memorable moments with friends and family and happy shopping!


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