Viewers Choice: Mideast Grocery Haul!

Do you get more excited about shopping for food than for clothing? Then this next video is literally for you! I have listened to all of the many comments and e-mails asking me to do a grocery haul in a Middle Eastern Market. What I intended to do in this video is demystify exotic ingredients and give menu suggestions so you will know exactly how to shop for your next Mideast feast. I chose Mid East Market in San Bruno because they have a great variety and quality of Arabic food right in the  heart of Silicon Valley California.  From spices and  grains to  cheeses and fruit based sweeteners,  I break everything down so you will be a pro after watching this video 🙂

So, get ready, set, and join me on this mideast foodie tour below:



I really do get way too excited about food shopping lol 😀

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2 thoughts on “Viewers Choice: Mideast Grocery Haul!

  1. Thank you Blanche, this is super helpful. I really enjoyed it. I sometimes go to a local middle eastern groery store, “Jerusalem Market” and I wonder how to use some of the ingredients. I will now buy some cheese and pickeled veggies.

    I just picked up a “Zataar Pizza” from the Pizzeria down the steet. It was delicious. Zataar is so addictive!!! The people next to the Pizza shop are Palestenian and worked with the PIzza shop owners on creating a Zataar Pizza a few years ago. They tell me they sell a lot of them. A lot of time they are out of it. I was there one time and they were making about 300 pizzas for one of the local mosques.
    I got hooked on Zataar when I saw one of your older videos. It’s not just good, it’s addictive.
    Thank you for everything. I always looked forward to your recipies. Take Care. Shirley

    1. Thank you Shirley, I so appreciate your thoughtful comments! Loved your story on the pizzeria. 🙂 Yes zatar is highly addictive–my brother in law has a pizza place that makes hundreds of zatar pizzas every day and they always run out! Hope you will feel empowered and encouraged to try something new! Best wishes, B

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