My Latest Podcast Interview with Arabiyaat at KPFA Radio

As someone who has worked primarily in television and on camera, it was a refreshing change to let my hair down and talk about Feast in the Middle East on the radio! Linda Khoury is the host of  “Arabiyaat”, a podcast that is regularly featured on KPFA radio in the San Francisco Bay Area. Arabiyaat is an audio space for Arabs in the Middle East and the diaspora to explore their identity and heritage–creating a common ground for Levantines, North Africans, Gulf Arabs, Muslims, Christians, and everything in between. In this discussion we talked about : 1) The importance of preserving the history and methods of Arabic food 2) Why Food Network still hasn’t caught on to Middle Eastern food, and 3) how veganism can play a significant role in health and environmental preservation, and 4)How to maintain the soul of the recipes while keeping traditions in our fast paced world.  I also gave Linda a sneak peak of an upcoming Feast  in the Middle East dessert recipe with a couple of surprise ingredients! To listen to the podcast click on this LINK .  I encourage you to check out her podcast regularly to give you a different perspective of the Arab world.  Thanks for your time and lend me your thoughts…is the Food Network providing useful cooking programs? What do you think is lacking? Thanks for your time fellow feasters!




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Blanche talks to Linda Khoury on the set of Arabiyaat



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