Busting through a fat loss plateau: Intermittent Fasting!

I know this is off the topic of Middle Eastern food, but in some ways this blog has very much to do with a lifestyle practiced in the Middle East for millenia. I am talking about intermittent fasting, the eating plan that has recently taken the fitness world by storm. I have gotten many e-mails about how I maintain a lean frame despite having children and I am not going to tell you it’s because I eat cheeseburgers and cream puffs while doing yoga (isn’t that annoying when celebrities say that?) I am going to keep it real, and I have found that nothing burns the fat off the body like fasting. When I say fasting, I do not mean starving, I simply mean timing your meals out so that there is more fasting that feasting. When you fast for 16 hours or more, you can finally tap into the stubborn fat stores and burn that up for energy. The reason why people can’t lose fat is they have been taught to eat constantly–but what happens is the body gets used to burning the constant fuel but never gets the chance to get to the fat. Not only that, but fasting increases human growth hormone, which makes you look younger. Fasting also gives the body time to heal from any maladies, whether autoimmune diseases or allergies. The ancient Egyptians (and Indians) learned about the benefits of fasting years ago.  But don’t forget to feast as well! It’s important to eat big satisfying and healthy meals so that you can fast for longer periods of time. Forget eating lettuce, yogurt and carrots every 3 hours! Interested in learning more? Check out my vlog below, and let me know if you have any questions in the comments section below!





2 thoughts on “Busting through a fat loss plateau: Intermittent Fasting!

  1. Great vl0g Blanche! I learned a lot. So, do you have to fast the same number of hours every day to get good results? Does drinking tea without food count as fasting? Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom and yourself with us. I definitely want to learn more about intermittent fasting.

    1. No not at all, that is the beauty of this. You can do 16 hours one day, 20 hours another, 18 hours another. But it is good to be consistent and to fast at a minimum of 16 hours 5 days a week to see results faster. Tea and black coffee with stevia do not break the fast.

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