A Kitchen Collaboration: How Two Palestinian Charities are Working to Help in this Crisis

Sometimes we just need a little bit of good news, especially during this time don’t you think?  I am excited to be a part of a new initiative delivering meals to patients, doctors, and nurses in Jerusalem, and wanted to share this sweet story of two kitchens with you.

Paces is a Palestinian UK based charity that has helped over 7000 refugee children from the middle east through structured sports programs, providing a safe haven for them.  Because Paces had to halt operations from Covid-19, they shifted resources  to contribute in a different way, by cooking meals for the patients, doctors, and nurses at August Victoria Hospital in Jerusalem.  I am excited to announce that recipes from Feast in the Middle East will be part of the menu at the hospital!

This is a Palestinian hospital with primarily pediatric and cancer patients, that had a severe cut in funding due to to lack of resources.  As  a result the hospital was in dire straights trying to keep up with the costs. Paces has also provided protective gear and income stipends for workers (primarily women) who have lost their jobs from this crisis.




In the United States, a restaurant that employs refugees in New York City called Migrant Kitchen has started helping as well. Palestinian chef Nasser Jaber is the cofounder of Migrant Kitchen, which churns out 1000s of free meals to the needy in New York City. He has joined forces to expand this model to help people both here and abroad, and the Paces Kitchen was launched through an east and west collaboration.  To learn more about this collaboration, click on the video below:


If you would like to donate to the program, click on the link below!


Hope you are all safe and enjoying an increase in freedom,


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