Unboxing Exciting Treats from the Middle East!

Hello FITME Family,

I hope you are all safe, healthy, and getting more freedom as businesses have slowly started to reopen around the globe. As people’s attention has shifted to human rights, many don’t realize that even our purchasing power can help disenfranchised communities as well. I don’t do unboxing or product hauls on my channel often, as I am very picky about the merchandise I want to promote to my viewers. But when I find fair trade items that benefit struggling families, farmers, and artisans, I take notice.


The PalBox is a subscription box that contains hand curated food, art, and beauty products from Palestine. Past items have included fresh za’atar spice, rich chocolate covered Jericho dates, downloadable music, hand painted ceramics, and jewelry.  Each purchase not only brings the beauty of Palestinian culture to your door but you also support independent farmers and artisans that deal with tremendous challenges. Profits of each box goes to support the Northern California branch of the International Solidarity Movement, which supports human rights both here and abroad. This movement supports a non-violent approach to end oppression and bigotry,  and supports the full equality of all people.

Whether you want to treat someone for their birthday, graduation, or anniversary, the Palbox is a great way to procure quality goods that helps benefit communities in need. The big plus is you don’t need to inflate Jeff Bezos’s bank account through Amazon to get these goods! As a viewer of Feast in the Middle East, you can now get 10% off your first order by using the code BLANCHE10 at PALBOX.ORG

To see what is inside this edition of the box, click on the video below:


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