I Got My Gut Health Tested-the Results Shocked Me!

Hello Friends,

Hope you are all doing well amidst the chaos that surrounds us. When I feel like everything is spiraling out of control, the one thing I try to maintain is my health. I feel I can handle anything if my health is in top tip shape. If you have been following my work long enough, you know how passionate I am about health, nutrition, and fitness. So much so that today, I turned down a potentially massive sponsor, because I discovered the product they wanted me to cook with was loaded with MSG and other atrocious ingredients. By the same token, when I discover something worthwhile and useful to my audience, I can’t wait to share it!

Many people do not know that many maladies are rooted in the gut. If you are someone that eats a sound diet and exercises, yet can’t seem to lose those last few pounds, the reason might be a microbiome imbalance in the gut. In fact, people are more prone to inflammation, depression, bloating, IBS, brain fog, and fatigue if the gut microbiome is lacking in key good bacteria. I have been experiencing fatigue and indigestion with certain foods, so when Ombre Labs approached me to test out my gut, I jumped at the chance.

The home kit is super easy, and my results arrived in a couple of weeks. I was sad to learn that I scored a 73% out of 100–to me that is like getting a C! They gave me a list of 196 foods that would enhance the good bacteria, and a list of foods to avoid. I learned that items like chicken, eggs, beef, pork, and alcohol would do no favors to my gut. As someone that eats chicken and eggs quite often, perhaps that has been the main culprit for my fatigue. So now I will be eating more gut friendly foods for me, like turkey, anchovies, and sea bass. They give beneficial foods in every category, from fruits and vegetables to grains and legumes, to proteins and beverages. When I want to eat the foods on the “avoid” list, I will take the probiotic they recommended for me to see if that helps digestion.

There is so much more to cover, so I detailed my experience in my new video below. If you want to join this journey with me, or want an update on what happens after I switch up my diet, please let me know in the comments below. If you want to get your own gut checked with a list of foods personalized to your specific needs, just go to: http://www.tryombre.com/BlancheTV and get a $40 discount!

This has opened up a whole new world, and I have been excited to learn more about how my body functions on the inside.

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