Craziness In My Kitchen!

Hello Dear Friends!

Well the time has come. After the 12th cabinet hinge has broken, not to mention the discoloration of the cabinets, I had to just make the change to reface my kitchen cabinets. I thought it would be a simple thing–but oh how wrong I was. To do such a project, you still have to take every single thing out of every cabinet and drawer. After living here 15 years, I was shocked to see how much stuff I have accumulated! So that alone took about a week, and now my laundry room has become my makeshift kitchen.

I have one more episode in my old kitchen that I have to still edit and publish, but after that you will see a whole new look! To see what is happening behind the scenes, you can check out my new video below:

Hope you are all doing well, praying for peace for all.

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