Egyptian Tea Party- From a Box!

Hello Dear Friends!

Today I have a new video to show you, that was recorded last weekend, when we wanted to turn a cold mundane Sunday into an uplifting one:

My friend Nadia started a new small business venture back east called Dukkan Foods, at It is an online store that is supposed to mimic the kind of corner store you can Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, or Jordan. All of the high quality products are sourced from Egypt, and are basically pantry items that any Arab grandmother or mother would have stocked in her kitchen. Looking at the sumptuous strawberry jam, caramel sheened molasses, savory spices, creamy tahini, and vibrant teas, I thought to use all of the products in a midday tea party. I always love an excuse to take a break from busy days to spend time with my mother.

In this video we were blissfully unaware of the disturbing headlines gathering steam this week. Because our family was affected horribly by war in the past, we are acutely sensitive to the ugliness of war and don’t wish it upon anyone. If anything, that day with my mother taught me to enjoy the time that I am in, because you never know what tomorrow holds. I don’t want to be a downer, and I am still hoping this war will get averted quickly. However, I never want to take a single thing for granted.

If you have free time, spend the day with people you love. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, or plan something extravagant. Sometimes all you need is a cup of tea. With that, here is our video of that day below. I would love it if you grabbed a cup of tea yourself and watched it as if you were with us.

Much love,


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