Lowcarb Za’atar Rolls and Adas (Lentil Soup) – A comforting Vegetarian Feast!

The weather is still freezing (even by California standards), but as we get closer to spring, I tend to crave warm yet light meals that will energize me throughout the busy days. Shorbat addas, otherwise known as lentil soup in Arabic, is perfect because the soup is hearty and comforting, yet doesn’t make your feel heavy afterwards. I love how red lentils impart a creamy texture to soup with no need for cream. This vegan lentil soup was a staple in our home during lent, where it was considered “peasant food” in Arab culture. Turns out that food for so called peasants is really the healthiest food you can eat, as lentils are full of protein, iron, and fiber. Very few ingredients from your pantry with the addition of onions, garlic, and carrots transform into a magical bowl of vegan goodness. The addition of lemon juice at the end adds a nice kick, and the vitamin C from the lemon actually helps your body absorb the iron from the lentils. Amazing how my ancestors intuitively knew which food combinations to eat in order to maximize nutrient absorption. Try this soup with my low carb za’atar cauliflower rolls, which I dedicate to my father, who has diabetes but is a bread addict. I also cannot tell you how many Feast in the Middle East fans have e-mailed me asking for a low carb bread recipe. I will preface this recipe by saying this will not taste 100% like bread, but the texture is bread like, and allows you to enjoy dips like labneh and hummus with zero guilt. You can also drop these rolls into a warm soup to sop up all the flavor, sort of like Indian idlis or Eastern European dumplings. The “flour” is made up of finely ground cauliflower rice. Since cauliflower rice has hit every major market, might as well do something easy and special with this easy to find ingredient. To veganize this recipe, replace the parmesan cheese with nutritional yeast, and replace the eggs with 2 flax eggs. (2 tbsp flax meal with 5 tbsp water)  It is important to take the step of putting the riced cauliflower into the food processor so that it mimics a finer flour in these rolls.


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Low Carb Za’Atar Cauli “flour” Rolls (Directions in video above)

2 ½ cups riced cauliflower   

2 tbsp almond flour

2 tbsp coconut flour

½ tsp  garlic powder

½ tsp onion powder

1 tbs za’atar

1 tsp za’atar (more for topping) 9sub with parm if you want)

2 eggs

¼ cup parmesan cheese

1 tbsp black sesame seeds (optional)

Shorbat Addas (Directions in video above)

3 tbsp olive oil

1 large onion, finely chopped

4 cloves garlic

1 ½ cup red lentils

1 tsp ground turmeric

2 tsp ground cumin

8 cups vegetable or chicken broth

Juice of ½ lemon

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