Iconic Bakery in Jerusalem and Inside Al Aqsa Mosque!

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As some of you might be sequestered at home, maybe working at your home office or figuring out what to do with the kids since many schools have shut down from corona virus, I thought I would do a different kind of video. A video to give you a break, something to watch that can transport you to the other side of the world without a plane ticket. A video that might that might leave you with more questions than answers.


I have procrastinated editing this piece on my last trip to Jerusalem, because it was emotionally heart wrenching, I found myself processing a lot of conflicting feelings upon my return home, from euphoria to depression and everything in between. In the span of one week I witnessed 2 home demolitions, one arrest of a Palestinian teenager for no reason that I could see, debilitating checkpoints, and state sponsored oppression everywhere I turned. At the same time, I witnessed compassionate art through music, dance, food, and poetry. I decided to focus on two integral experiences in Jerusalem, a visit to the legendary bakery that has been churning out fresh sesame loaves for Jerusalemites for the past 60 years. I also got to enter the Al Aqsa Mosque for the first time in my life. The pictures do not do the architecture justice, from the vibrant mosaics on the outside, to the gilded dome on the inside, this area of the world is fought over for too many reasons to count.



One message I want to very clear about, is that I advocate peace for people of all religions, especially in the Holy land, the cradle of the three monotheistic religions.  My intent is not to demonize anyone, but to shed light on a situation that has been ignored by mainstream media. My hope is to create dialogue, because the only way we can solve this mess is to confront the situation head on. There is no violence in this video, no fancy edits, only a slice of life of literally one day in Jerusalem.  So, hope you gain some new perspective from this video. I am doing the preproduction of new recipe videos as we speak, so look out for those this spring!



6 thoughts on “Iconic Bakery in Jerusalem and Inside Al Aqsa Mosque!

  1. Thank you for sharing this video and a wonderful look inside the Al Aqsa Mosque. As a western Christian, I wish to apologize for the way radicals/Zionist’s are contributing to the unrest in this beautiful region of the world. My family and I were privileged to live in the land for an extended time and appreciate and love the diversity. We recognize the many facets of sadness in the land. Please understand that all Christians do not endorse the actions of the radical extremists .

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    1. Thank you Teresa, as a Christian myself I had a lot of difficulty dealing with what I had witnessed. I know in my heart this is not the way God wants us to treat each other. Thanks for sharing your viewpoint as someone that got to live there!

  2. Blanche, I really enjoy the pictures of Palestine so much. So kind of you to share. S Davis

  3. Weeks later. I send a comment….I really enjoy looking at the Palestine pictures/videos..the bakery, I hope it opens up again. The history of that region.

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