Cooking Class Updates- new dates for 2020!

First I want to thank all of you that showed up to my cooking class last night, I truly enjoyed watching you make delectable shawarma wraps, mouthwatering salads, hummus with mushrooms, and my favorite dessert of all time, Kunafa!  I have added two more classes this summer if you want to join the fun, both on Saturdays. On Saturday May 30th we will be whipping up some Middle Eastern comfort food like roasted chicken and garlicky turmeric rice, with a chocolate pistachio tart, and on Saturday July 18th I will be teaching how to make Shish Barak, or Palestinian beef dumplings in a minty yogurt sauce along with other favorites like sesame anise ring cookies.  Check DRAEGER’S COOKING SCHOOL in May for registration information.


To give you an idea of what my cooking classes are like, I put together a fun little video to give you a virtual tour. Class include wine and other beverages, and make for great gifts as well, especially for Mother’s Day which is right around the corner! To check it out click on the video below:





More to come soon, I have so many exciting recipes to share with you – and many of them will be keto friendly to mix things up a bit. =)



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