This New “Meat” From Korea Is a Game Changer!

When I learned that Kim Kardashian was going to be the spokesperson for Beyond Meat I was appalled!  Frankly you cannot pay me enough to push such a horrible tasting and toxic product, full of synthetic glyphosate doused seed oils, not to mention the smell and taste of cat food (not that I have tasted cat food, but you get the point- the smell is not appetizing).

However, my inbox of late has been flooded with viewers asking for meat alternatives in recipes. I do have quite an extensive playlist of recipes containing lentils, chickpeas, and grains like freekeh, which I hope many of you find useful. When a company called Unlimeat reached out to review their plant based meat product, I was going to say no right away, until they piqued my curiosity.

This company is based in Korea, and touted that their product was made from whole foods sourced from ugly produce. Looking closer, I learned they used lentils, quinoa, chickpeas, and coconut oil– all ingredients I recognized, so I decided to give their product a try. Besides the ingredients, I love Korean food in general, they are masters at seasoning and barbecues. 

I did not accept sponsorship of this product, because I wanted to give you a no holds barred review. Not only did I test this product out, I also had my daughter do a taste test without telling her a thing about these products. At the end of the video I also give a macro and micronutrient comparison between Unlimeat and chicken and beef. Micronutrient wise, I can tell you animal based protein is superior, while the protein grams are quite similar. 

At the end of the day, I wanted to inform you so you would be the first to know before this product is introduced to the western market. I always love my audience to have a leg up on food trends before anyone else! The plan is to offer it online first before releasing it to brick and mortar markets across the United States. So I would like to continue this conversation. What do you think of the mock meats in the market, and is this something that you would try? Or do you favor 1 ingredient plant proteins like beans or legumes or soy?

Check out my full review below!

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday and Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there!

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