New Video: 7 Tips for Entertaining Guests from the Middle East!

My latest video is in response to many of YOU, the viewers, who wanted a video on how to entertain guests from the Middle East. During the summer I released a video about what to expect if you are INVITED to a Middle Eastern home. However many people are finding themselves in the reverse situation, having to do the entertaining instead of the “guesting” (Is that a word? Well it is now.) 🙂 Many of my viewers have significant others that are Arabic and want to impress their current or potential in-laws. Some are hosting friends from abroad. Some of my viewers have unusual situations, like teaching German to Syrian refugees and wanting to engage with them socially. Whatever your situation might be, I hope you find this video useful!  If you want me to create more cultural videos like this, leave any topics you want me to discuss in the comments below. I think this kind of dialogue is great for bringing people together, dispelling stereotypes, and creating mutual understanding. So, here is the video below, have a great weekend everyone!


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