Limonana- Arabic Mint Lemonade

Only in the Middle East would a massive hit song be about mint. You see Arabs hold the mint leaf very dear to their hearts, using this herb in savory and sweet dishes, medicinal remedies, and the beloved drink called Limonana (which means lemon and mint in Arabic).   If you go to any cafe in Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, or Egypt, I guarantee you will find Limonana on the menu in the summertime.  The hit song about mint below inspired me to share this recipe with you, though I warn you:  once you listen to this song it will get stuck in your head permanently!



I have to admit this fun song is kind of silly, so silly in fact that it affected my approach to my  limonana video. This refreshing drink just puts me in a happy summer mood, with the taste of fresh mint, sour lemon, and orange blossom water in every sip. Make sure you use fresh mint instead of dried, and you can use any kind of blender you wish (as you can see in the video below my struggle with the Vitamix is real. However what makes my limonana recipe the most special, is that it is sugar free! Traditional Limonana is made with a simple syrup loaded with sugar, and I want to enjoy several glasses of this summertime treat guilt free. Liquid stevia not only cuts time in the drink prep, but lemon juice cuts the bitterness of the stevia. So even if you hate stevia, you might enjoy it in this particular drink.





2 thoughts on “Limonana- Arabic Mint Lemonade

  1. Is it wrong that I want to add vodka?;)
    Delicious drink and,man, I love the new layout of the site!!! You are a genius! I don’t know where you carved out the time to do this but it’s epic and I’m, as always,incredibly proud of you and your continued rise…which is thoroughly deserved x

    1. I love you Russell! Of course vodka would take this to another level lol. Or even arak haha!!! Thank you for stopping by, means the world to me <3

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