The Recourceful Zucchini Mediterranean Tart

I learned the art of repurposing food at a very young age. As a 10 year old, I watched with wonder how the chefs on  America’s Test Kitchen turned black bananas into a beautiful and moist banana bread. Growing up with immigrant parents, banana bread was just not a thing, so I made my first…… Continue reading The Recourceful Zucchini Mediterranean Tart

Weeknight Low Carb Gnocchi for One

Just wanted to give you all subscribers to my blog the inside scoop! My cookbook is well underway, with the target of completion in late spring. This book has been 10 years in the making. Even though I have been one of the first in the space of online Middle Eastern cooking shows, I did…… Continue reading Weeknight Low Carb Gnocchi for One

Limonana- Arabic Mint Lemonade

Only in the Middle East would a massive hit song be about mint. You see Arabs hold the mint leaf very dear to their hearts, using this herb in savory and sweet dishes, medicinal remedies, and the beloved drink called Limonana (which means lemon and mint in Arabic).   If you go to any cafe in…… Continue reading Limonana- Arabic Mint Lemonade