Spanish Travel Series Part 2 -Zarautz!

Hello Friends!

There are going to be a lot of exciting things happening this year, and I can’t wait to share them with you as soon as I get the green light! But for now, I will share with you Part 2 from my adventures in Spain. While you will see a ton of literature on cities like Barcelona, Madrid, and Sevilla, you won’t see much on the picturesque town of Zarautz. I love showing you places that are little known to tourists! I decided to edit this video series on Spanish hideaways into very short bite sized (no pun intended) pieces to fit everyone’s fast paces lifestyles.  Zarautz is a coastal town on the outskirts of the Spanish wine country in Rioja. Apparently Queen Isabella II used to vacation in this town, but fortunately this place is accessible to anyone today, not just the rich and famous. This hidden gem of a town has everything I could ever want–scenic views, nice weather, lovely people, gorgeous wines, and insanely delicious food. They have made pinxos, or tapas, an art form:




As a matter of fact gastronomic societies are a thing here, where people gather and take pride in their fresh farm to table dishes paired with local wines.  If you like a low key town with super fresh seafood, surfing, and wine tasting–Zarautz is the town for you.

Check out my latest video below!


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