The Street Food That Will Take Over the World

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How is your summer going? Hopefully you are all making the most of it despite the constant dystopian headlines that have been dominating the news cycle of late. I have been busy working outside of YouTube, writing newspaper articles and wearing my network television hat again. This time I am thrilled to be able to present up and coming food trends to the viewers of “California Live” on NBC! If you live anywhere in California, this entertaining show airs betwen 11:00 am and noon, Monday through Friday on your local NBC stations.

My latest assignment was an exhilarating one, because I got to try a new South Korean food fad that I truly believe will take over this country. You see, Asian food trends generally start in California because of the diverse Asian population here, as well as its geographical location closest to Asia. So for example, the California Roll originated in Los Angeles, then took the country by storm afterwards in the 1980s. I believe the same thing will happen with these K-Dogs, which have been gaining ground here in California. Let me just say, these are not your average corn dogs:

Covered in a rice based mochi batter, the coating is chewy and crispy at the same time, then rolled in whimsical toppings like french fries, ramen, flaming hot, or cornflakes and sugar for a sweet and salty twist. The dogs are then drizzled with Asian based sauces from Siracha Mayo to Sweet Chile Sauce. But you don’t have to choose a beef hot dog, as they also have mozarella sticks coated in these goodies too, which become ooey gooey cheese sticks once you bite into them (see my latest video below for more on this.)

I know what you are thinking right now….”But Blanche, you are a champion of healthy Mediterranean eating, where is this coming from?!” Well, I have a secret I need to share with you. While I like to eat a healthy diet 90% of the time, I like to indulge in naughty foods every once in a while. This indulgence was most definitely worth it. I used to treat myself to a Boston Cream doughnut about 4 times a year, but these Korean dogs, or melty cheese sticks on roids, will become my new quarterly obsession.

So, while I will continue to share Middle Eastern cuisine from my childhood (look out for another recipe next week!) I will be bringing you new global food fads as well. The bonus is these stories will put the spotlight on small businesses, which have suffered so much from debilitating government restrictions the past two years. Because of our governor’s restrictions, nearly 30% of California restaurants, or more than 76,000 businesses, had to close in 2020-2021! If I can do my part to help the last ones standing, I will.

To check out my first experience with these Kdogs, click on my latest video below, where I visited Stix In Burlingame:

Happy Summer and be back soon!

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