My Second Gut Health Test Results-And How to Spot Food Scams…

Along with promoting a mediterranean/ middle eastern diet, I love to share tools I discover that help in overall health and wellness. A few months ago I shared with you the results of an at home gut health test I took by Ombre Labs. I had been experiencing fatigue and a weight loss plateau in my fitness goals, and I wanted to see if gut health was the culprit. I was surprised to see a score of 73, and was determined to bring that score up and reap the overall benefits. Many of you requested I share my follow-up score after implementing the diet changes and probiotics and that is what I will do today! 

This was a fascinating and eye-opening experience, and for those of you that want to take the test as well, you can get $30 off by going to

For those of you that did not see my previous blog and want to know more, you can check out my blog here:

Well after several months of implementing the food recommendations from Ombre labs, and taking the recommended probiotics, I took the test again, and I noticed some serious changes! You can check out my latest score in the video below. The basic changes I made were:

  1. Swap out chicken for turkey instead
  2. Eat more seabass as my primary fish
  3. Increase the amount of recommended vegetables and fermented foods, from cabbage and sauerkraut, to every kind of mushroom imaginable, like shiitakes and oyster mushrooms
  4. Increase the recommended fruits, like berries, avocados, and bananas
  5. Since I could not incorporate anchovies, which were highly recommended, I used anchovy bouillon cubes to flavor my stirf ries at lunchtime
  6. Everytime I ate foods not recommended, like eggs and chicken, I took the probiotics with them to negate any side effects
  7. Drank more of my recommended beverage, which was green tea

Now your recommended food choices might be completely different than mine, as friends and family that took the test got different results. This experience taught me that we are very much in power of our bodies, and what we eat directly impacts how we feel more than ever!  Check out my video below for more of my crazy discoveries!  One thing I forgot to share in the video is that I noticed a clear change in my skin, which now glows more than before. But to see the complete experience, check out my new video below:

Since I am on the theme of health and wellness, here is another video where I share how I navigate the health scams when I am away from home. It is amazing how food companies, and even hotels are complicit in literally lying to people about the “health” benefits of their foods. Have an amazing week and hopefully you will feel more empowered after seeing these videos today! 

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