Drink Like An Egyptian Pharoah: HIBISCUS LEMONADE – an Appetite Suppressant!

We can learn a lot from ancient civilizations, as they intuitively knew that food and drink can have dual medicinal values, and the Pharaohs of Egypt were no exception. Hibiscus tea, otherwise known as Karkadé, was the preferred drink of the pharaohs, and the popularity of this beverage continues to this day. Karkadé is actually a tea made by boiling the hibiscus flower, but there is so much more to this plant  than its sweet fragrance and bright pink color. 

This tea is also an elixir for overall health, and an excellent appetite suppressant. According to Web MD, hibiscus improves heart health, cholesterol, diabetes and even hypertension. In one medical study, patients who drank this tea three times a day lowered their systolic and diastolic readings. This tea is also touted for being an appetite suppressant. I personally love to drink this tea during the midday slump when I start to crave sweets, this tea calms down cravings significantly.

Rich in vitamin C, calcium, and iron, the flowers, leaves, and seeds of the hibiscus are all edible. However, the calyx is the main part of the plant,which becomes big, red and juicy after the flowers die. Thus, the calyx has been used for tea, syrups, and jellies. As for flavor profile,  hibiscus has a tangy, tart, floral and earthy flavor with a hint of sweetness and fruitiness. Imagine a cross between pomegranate and cranberry, which pairs harmoniously with lemons for a spectacular lemonade!

Vendors sell Karkade, or hibiscus lemonade throughout the streets of Egypt, clanging cymbals to get attention the way an ice cream truck plays nursery songs. The vendors meander the busy streets, train stations and bus depots with the grace of a ballet dancer, often wearing a bouquet of the trademark flower on their sash as they pour the tea into long glasses for a quick sip on the street.  

Wedding parties In both Egypt and Sudan love toasting the bride and groom with a glass of this festive tea. Even in China the hibiscus flower represents good luck and happiness during marriage ceremonies. 

Now you might be wondering, where have you been all your life without drinking this tea? Well you have come to the right blog, as I will share an easy recipe for this refreshing drink. All you need are hibiscus flowers, which you can order online, or tea bags if you want an easier option. However the flowers are far more fragrant and rich tasting than the tea bags. You will also need orange blossom water, which you can find in any middle eastern or Indian market. As for sweetener, Egyptians use honey but you can use regular sugar or stevia for a sugar free option. Garnish the tea with fresh mint and berries to bring out the flavor of the hibiscus even more. 

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Egyptian Style Hibiscus Lemonade

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