No Bake Date and Nut Rolls – Khajur Burfi

Excited because today I am featuring my first Indian recipe on my blog, for a delicacy called Khajur Burfi! Kaju literally means cashew (see they sound similar!)  and barfi is a type of Indian sweet made with dates, nuts, and warming spices, usually in a cylinder shape. This treat is relished and gifted extensively during…… Continue reading No Bake Date and Nut Rolls – Khajur Burfi


My most epic sandwich moment happened near Petra in Jordan, years ago. I was determined to hike around this ancient city  with my tour group  in 100 degree heat. One of my friends on this trip, John, was perpetually  hungry, regardless of the blistering hot weather. He saw a lonely shawarma stand off the side…… Continue reading SHAWARMA!