My New Cooking Classes in the San Francisco Bay Area!

I love Christmas, but not the landfill that surrounds it. I would much rather make homemade treats, or give gift certificates that support local business than buy “stuff” that ends up in the junk pile. If any of you have foodie friends, and want to give a gift of a culinary demonstration with a sampling of delicious food, I have got the idea for you! I will be working with Draeger’s markets to bring Feast in the Middle East to Bay Area foodies through cooking classes in 2017! These classes also make great Valentine’s or Mother’s Day gifts. 😉 So far the first class is on Wednesday February 8th, when I take guests on a culinary tour of the Levant. The menu will feature:

*Syrian Muhammara Dip Featuring Walnuts, Roasted Peppers and Pomegranate Molasses
*Egyptian Cucumber Tomato Salad with Mint and Parsley
*Palestinian Mussakhan— sumac and lemon seasoned chicken baked on flatbread and topped with caramelized onions and toasted pine nuts
*Layali Lubnan “Lebanese Nights”—soft semolina custard scented with rose water and topped with whipping cream and pistachios

File Jul 25, 5 02 05 PM.jpeg

In April I will be celebrating spring with  a Middle Eastern Mezze Party, featuring:

Hummus with Sauteed Mushrooms and Toasted Pine Nuts
Arayes—“Bride and Groom” pita pocket sandwiches stuffed with seasoned beef kufta
Zucchini Pancakes withHerbs, Parmesan Cheese and Chickpea Flour Topped with Cucumber- Mint Creme Fraiche
Sahleb—rose-scented dessert beverage topped with pistachios, coconut and cinnamon


These cooking demos also include wine and light appetizers. If you are interested in attending these demos CLICK HERE  I look forward to sharing great food memories with you!

Best wishes, B

4 thoughts on “My New Cooking Classes in the San Francisco Bay Area!

  1. Blanche,

    I read the Town Crier article and the custard sounds great. Where can I try it in the Los Altos area?

    Also, some of the dishes described in your blog. Do you have a food delivery service?

    1. Hi there welcome to my site! Wish I saw your message earlier, as I made that custard for people that enrolled in my last cooking class in Draeger’s Menlo Park. I don’t know of any restaurant that serves it, as it is a very regional dish that hasn’t been really introduced in the states. I don’t have a food delivery service, but I will be doing another food demonstration at Draeger’s San Mateo in April if you want to join us for food and wine 😉 Details here: Have a great weekend!

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