Strawberry Pomegranate Molasses Ice Cream Pie (Yeah it’s a Mouthful)

In PART III of my Pomegranate Molasses Series, I focus on dessert! Growing up, did you ever eat that throwback ice cream pie that had hideous ingredients in it like Cool Whip and Jello? When I got older and realized what Jello and Cool Whip were made of, I vowed never to eat that junk again (even though as a kid I might have liked that pie….just a little bit) So I decided to give this pie a makeover using the best and freshest ingredients I could find, and I love this new version so much more!  Check out my strawberry ice cream pie with pomegranate molasses and pistachio pumpkin seed crust!


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The crust is gluten free and has only 3 ingredients: pumpkin seeds, pistachios, and maple syrup–so it’s full of good fats and anti-oxidants. The filling is a simple mix of fresh pureed strawberries (you can use frozen when fresh is not in season) pomegranate molasses, whipped cream, and condensed milk. The pomegranate molasses gives this pie an extra tart and fruity flavor, but it’s optional.  Make sure to thaw the pie out for at least 20 minutes before serving! Now for a short time only, my friends  at  SADAF are offering my viewers 10% off any purchases if you use the promo code: BLANCHE.  Just to put it out there I am not sponsored by Sadaf, but I believe in their products and wanted to find a way to reward my viewers and subscribers with a good deal!  This is perfect for those of you that have asked me where to source Middle Eastern ingredients as you might live in an area that does not offer these products.  Now, are you ready for the recipe? Click on the YouTube below! And if you want me to do a series on any other Middle Eastern ingredient, please leave it in the comments below! 😉





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