Armenian Food Pig Out Session! Part II

In my last video and blog I covered how Armenians transformed the fabric of American life, ushering in inventions from the ATM to the MRI to Almond Joy. In this next video, I threw all portion control precaution out the window and decided I was going to sample EVERYTHING the festival had to offer in one day.  When you have Armenian women cooking round the clock for weeks to make everything by hand, what’s a girl to do? I felt like this was going to be a once in a lifetime (or at most a once a year) experience that I couldn’t turn down. Sevana was such a warm and inviting guide, I felt like we were sisters within minutes. I felt a kindred spirit with her passion for her culture’s rich culinary heritage. From flaky filo and buttery puff pastry boregs, to delicate braised veggies dripping in olive oil, to the softest dolmas (or sarmas) outside of my mom’s kitchen, the food was stellar, and the company enhanced the whole experience by a thousand.

To check out my culinary tour of the Annual Armenian Festival and Bazaar in San Francisco, click on the video below:




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