7 Reasons Why Cooking is a Sign of Strength!

If I had a dollar for every time I hear the phrase “Women belong in the kitchen” I would have a nice stash of cash. The reality is, there are many women AND men, who enjoy being in the kitchen that also have many other talents and responsibilities. I have met many doctors, lawyers, teachers, dancers, artists or engineers that are proud of their original paella, their roasted chicken, or fresh pasta they make from scratch. The truth is, doing your thing in the kitchen is not a sign of  being a one dimensional domesticated servant.  Cooking is a sign of strength, creativity, empowerment, and almost a rebellious action today, given the proliferation of seriously toxic and processed food that surrounds us at every supermarket, amusement park, and gas station.

As a journalist, I did not consider it a “step down” to focus on preserving my culture through food. There is no better way to be in peak mental and physical condition than to nourish yourself and your loved ones with food you lovingly sourced and cooked yourself.  For more on this subject, click on my latest video below, where I share the 7 benefits of cooking your own food.  I would love to hear from you–have you ever been confronted by ignorant people who think cooking is a sign of weakness? Leave your story in the comments below!




2 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why Cooking is a Sign of Strength!

  1. Hello Blanche,
    I agree, cooking for my husband and I (retirees are we!) has had such an important impact on our health in a positive way! I’ll be sharing your video with my daughter so she can be inspired too!!
    Thank you for amazing recipes and videos!

    1. Thank you so much Katherine–I am so glad you and your hubby are taking charge and empowering yourself with good nutrition. That will make your retirement that much sweeter! 😉

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