Sage Tea Benefits+ Other Fair Trade Goodies from PalBox!

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This week I have a short and sweet episode on one of life’s simple pleasures, sage tea. I think tea is so underrated, as each kind of herbal tea has a unique set of health benefits, and sage is no exception. 

Here in the states people only seem to take out a spice tin of sage just once a year to add to Thanksgiving stuffing or dressing, while not knowing this herb makes a fabulous tea with so many health benefits! I learned this first hand when I visited the Palestinian town called Deir Ghassana for their annual olive harvest. 

Our tour guide taught us how to identify this herb, and said it would be particularly strong and full of flavor since they were soaking up the sun all summer. Palestinians traditionally boil the sage along with black tea, and add either sugar or honey. They call this “Maramiya” tea. I love how they had their tea kettles ready to make the tea over an outdoor mini camp fire. 

I thought I would never experience the flavor of that tea again, until I got this month’s Palbox. The PalBox is a quarterly curated box of food and art from Palestinian farmers and artisans. This particular box has a sachet of dried sage so I can make that tea at home and remember that special olive harvest! 

Here is a list of health benefits from sage:

  • Decreases inflammation
  • Lowers insulin thus improving blood sugar levels
  • Remedy for mouth wounds and sore throats
  • Great for bad breath
  • Soothes upset stomach
  • Improves digestion

The PalBox also includes other fair trade food items, jewelry, and art–great for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or any other special occasion for the ones you love. It is a great way to support farmers that are suffering quite a bit in Palestinian villages because of low rainfall and multiple attacks on them and their harvests. To learn about the PalBox, visit:

To see all of the items in the box plus my special experience in the Palestinian village of Deir Ghassana drinking sage tea, check out my new video below:

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