Popular Hot Beverage of the Arab World: Sahlab

For many, drinking coffee is a ritual that comforts all of the senses, especially on a cold, wintry day. The sound of the percolating espresso machine triggers excitement for the energizing drink to come. The warmth of the coffee cup defrosts brisk fingertips. The flavor is tailored to each person’s preference – rich cream, a…… Continue reading Popular Hot Beverage of the Arab World: Sahlab

Holiday Decorating Ideas

I realize that while I can cook, I lack the patience to decorate. I take a minimalist, modern approach–which allows me think less about decor haha! My mother is not only an amazing cook, she is an incredible artist–she can recreate paintings by Degas and Sargent, and…she can also create a mean table setting. I…… Continue reading Holiday Decorating Ideas