Kibbeh: The Shepards Pie of the Middle East!

“Kibbeh kibbeh kibbeh chameleon… come and goooo you come and goooo…”

Ok so I know the Boy George song doesn’t really go like that, but I can’t help but get so giddy and excited that I  break into song at the thought of my favorite food,  Kibbeh. And Kibbeh really is a chameleon, in that you can serve it baked casserole style or fried “football” style. Kibbeh is basically the Shepard’s Pie of the Middle East. However, instead of mashed potatoes as the crust, kibbeh traditionally contains a bulgur and meat mixture as the outer layer. The interior layer contains chili cut garlicky lamb and crunchy golden pine-nuts. In our latest video release,  we show you how to prepare kibbeh two ways. Kibbeh as a main  entrée, makes a hearty meal which you can lighten up with some mixed green salad and a dollop of hummus for dipping on the side. The football shaped kibbeh is richer and makes a lovely presentation for special occasions or even a fun and unique snack for super bowl! This dish can take a little while to make, but you can order chili cut lamb from your local butcher to save you some time dicing meat in the kitchen.

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Did you know that Syria has 17 different kinds of kibbeh? And kibbeh is now a culinary staple even in the Dominican Republic, because Palestinian and Lebanese immigrants brought this delicacy to that region as well. Well its time this treat makes its way to your kitchen too, and we teach you how in some easy steps in the video below!




Grab these staples from your grocery store to get started:

Ground beef (or turkey or chicken if you prefer)

Chili cut lamb (or chopped chicken if you prefer)


Bulgar wheat (the finest kind, grade #1)



Cinnamon (optional)

Pine nuts (can use slivered almonds if you wish)


Olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste






4 thoughts on “Kibbeh: The Shepards Pie of the Middle East!

  1. Having eaten Lebanese food my whole life (I am Lebanese-American), I have never seen kibbe made with a “filling” before, only the meat. I’m going to try it, just to see how it goes. Have never thought kibbe made correctly could be improved, but I’m open to trying.

    1. So glad we can offer something new! I know that Lebanon is the capital of kibbe, so many beautiful varieties. This is a Palestinian version and I hope you enjoy it!

      1. I tried it with success! It is the best I’ve ever prepared and can’t get enough!! Had to give some away so that I didn’t eat it all by myself…..

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