Happy New Year-New Video and Announcements!

Hope you are all enjoying time with your loved ones as we wind down 2017! This year you witnessed many  new experiments  on my channel, from live hangouts and food festival coverage, to food reviews and hauls, to even nutrition and fitness vlogs. This year I really want to fine tune the channel to serve your needs! Would you like to see more field video pieces, where I visit festivals, food artisans, and foodie events and bring them to you? Do you prefer more recipes? If so, do you like the Arab classics, east meets west fusion dishes, or vegan dishes? Did any of you enjoy my vlogs on nutrition, and how to maintain healthy weight, energy and skin? Or did the videos on Middle Eastern products inspire you to try something new? Please leave your suggestions in the comments below, as I will take them very seriously. In the end I created this channel for YOU the viewer, so I would love to know what kind of content you enjoy! Speaking of content, did any of you check out PART III of my Armenian Food Fest series? Here we explored some more popular desserts and coffee (yes I don’t know how I managed to shove down more food, but by some miracle I did lol) “Psychic” coffee is a popular phenomenon in the Arab world, and it was fun to learn that it is quite popular in Armenian culture too!  Some people swear that their fortune lies in the bottom of a coffee cup. Don’t know what I am talking about? Take a look:

And for those of you that want to treat yourself in the New Year, there are still spots available in my Draeger’s cooking classes! This is a fun live cooking demo experience where I cook and teach you all of my shortcuts and cooking methods to create the same dishes in your home. The demo includes a sampling of 4 courses, plus wine and light appetizers, the recipes themselves, and a Q & A session with yours truly! These makes a great date night idea instead of the standard restaurant night out as well. I truly enjoyed meeting many of you face to face this past year at these classes, and hope to see you again and see new faces as well! For more info, click here: HERE

Thanks again for all of your support! I look forward to sharing more adventures, recipes, and foodie finds with you in 2018!

Hugs, B




5 thoughts on “Happy New Year-New Video and Announcements!

  1. I moved to the Middle East, and am always looking for recipes. I love the classic original recipes -and your take on them Blanche!
    I think if you were to post a few videos of how-tos for timeless favourites that would be a wonderful idea.

  2. Hi! Would love to see more middle eastern classics and vegan dishes and some more food tips/recipes on intermittent fasting. Thanks! Love your channel!

  3. I would like to invite you to lunch with the San Francisco International Airport Rotary Club. Please reply to me by email at lexfwc@yahoo.com. I will elaborate and provide details. Cheers, Bill

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