Getting boozy with wine from Jesus’s time for 2018!

Just when I thought I was going to write my very last post for 2018, I realized I forgot to share another fantastic discovery from the Middle East with you!  Today I just released a fun video on the wines of Palestine, where they have been making this wine since the time of Jesus! The varietals of this wine are unlike anything you have ever had before, because the unique grapes are grown in the region of Bethlehem, Palestine (you know, where Jesus was born 😉 The Catholic Salesian missions continued making the wine with founder Don Bosco, who created a more formal winery.  Sales of the wine helped sustain their work in helping impoverished and orphaned  children.  In the year 2000 an Italian vintner named Ricardo Cotarella helped them step up their game so they could mass produce the wine (because let’s face it, they were using medieval equipment)  Their grape varietals are Baladi (red church wine) Dabouki ( a sweet crisp white) and Hemdani Jendali (most like a Sauvignon Blanc)  To see if this wine passed the taste test, check out my informal review below:


Somehow I feel more virtuous getting boozy with the wine Jesus drank, plus the proceeds of the wine still benefit disadvantaged children, so it’s a win win situation! For information on where to find this wine, click on this  LINK.

Happy 2018 everyone!





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  1. Outstanding Blanche Happy New Year!

    Thanks So Much!! “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men”. ~Fred Douglass.


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