My Untold Story-Why I started Feast in the Middle East…

Happy New Year to you all! As I embark on 2018 with a lot of bold goals in mind (including the revamp of this website) it occurred to me that many of you have no idea who I am or why I started this project in the first place. Feast in the Middle East at one point in my life was just an idea, and a risky one at that. Switching from my career as a journalist and TV host, to an online show focused on food was daunting to me. All I had was my background in television and an arsenal of amazing recipes. I had no idea where to start to bring those two worlds together. Starting with a small saved up investment, I decided to take on this journey, and now the show has taken on a life of its own, and brought rewards I never would have imagined. While I am no where near where I want to be in terms of YouTube subscribers, I acknowledge every subscriber as an additional global family member to help me propel this show forward with more ideas, recipes, and stories. Which direction would you like to see the show go in as we trail blaze in this new year? If you haven’t subscribed already to my channel (or this blog) please do, and let me know what kind of content you would like to see. Because unlike television, where I had bosses leading the way on content, I love the freedom to cover what I want, and tailor it to the needs of an interactive audience. Click below for my story, and hope to get your feedback in the coming year!



5 thoughts on “My Untold Story-Why I started Feast in the Middle East…

  1. First I enjoy your recipes especially when your mom makes an appearance. You can learn alot about a culture from their foods. I love it when you give background and stories of the Middle East. It’s an area rich in culture and is so interestng. I know very little about that area and find your channel so very facinating and have been a fan for several years. Thank you for your efforts. Personally I would like more recipes with the background or history of that recipe (Especially if it’s your family)

  2. Hi Blanche I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and found your channel googling for recipes with pomgranate molasses. I ended up seeing many others and subscribed to your channel. My country has many imigrants from various parts of the world so we grow up eating all kinds of food from other countries. We have a large group of imigrants from Syria and Lebanon – they came in the beginning of the 20th century. Since I love cooking and learning to cook with new ingredients I find your channel very interesting – the cooking shows and also the ones with stories linked to culture, history and language. By the way I am not from middle eastern background but LOVE their food and culture. Keep it up !

    1. So wonderful to hear from you all the way from Brazil Mariana! Yes because of all the wars there is a substantial diaspora from Syria and Lebanon. Brazil sounds like an amazing country with beautiful people. If I visit one day I will have to try the Brazilian AND Middle Eastern food there! Thank you for stopping by, hope you subscribe to my youtube channel and join our global cooking family! Best wishes, B

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